Ramblings about this year's art & models & whatnot

So, each month of this year's art project has a sort of loose theme to it. I'm probably not going to reveal what each and every theme is. I'm just saying that themes exist. 

Anyway, I'm debating doing a "real people" month. It would involve folks posing for pieces. In return, the posers would get whatever piece they pose for, and the piece would end up in this year's art book. I did a bit of this last time around, where I mainly turned friends of mine into super villains. This time I'm thinking, if I end up doing it, it will be a bit different. I'm not entirely sure how yet. Just..different. It probably won't happen for a few months, and it might not end up happening at all. Some of it depends upon a) interest and b) my ability to find a month's worth of victims,. Er, I mean, models. Yeah. Models. 

Anyway, that's about it. f you'd be interested in seeing something like that or if you'd be interested in posing (especially if you're somewhat local) let me know.