Another end of the month wrap up thingie

So it’s the end of the month again and I figured I should do another end-of-the-month wrap up type thingies. I’m not sure if I’ll do these every month. We’ll see. I kind of like making art more than I like writing about making it.

Anyway, first, and definitely most importantly, thank you to all of you that continue to look at the silly things I post every day. All of the likes, comments, repins, plus 1s, hearts, and whatever else mean more to me than you all probably realize. Please keep it up. It helps keep me motivated knowing y’all are watching. 

So Stanley Kubrick said something along the lines of, “what you do, you become”. I’ve been thinking about this for two reasons. 1) I need new business cards and I’m trying to figure out what to, you know, call myself. 2) Related to point 1, I’m trying to figure out how to make a living. That said, I guess I’m an artist. It sounds a bit funny to me when I say it out loud. My business cards might just say, “I make stuff every day”.

Lastly, I’m going to start offering prints of my artwork. I found a site that offers reasonably priced reproductions in a variety of sizes. I ordered a test print from them and they do good stuff. That said, there’s nothing that can really match up 100% to a signed original. I make sparkly, glittery, shiny, textury, glow-in-the-darky stuff. Some of that can’t really be reproduced in a print. But if there’s a piece you love that’s been sold out or if your budget doesn’t allow you to own an original or if ya want something poster-sized the prints are a pretty cool way to go. I’m going to offer prints of most of the stuff I’ve made this year as well as some older work I’ve done. The link to for the prints will be up tomorrow. 

Okay, that’s enough rambling. Like always, I need caffeine. And maybe a croissant. Today’s piece will be up in a bit.

Thanks again, everyone.