On the matter of talent and crossword puzzles

Bear with me. I’m extremely late to the whole blogging thing. And I don’t even know what a ‘micro-blog’ is. But on this page I’m going to ramble about various topics that interest me. Mainly art, graphic design, and bacon. Oh, and I promise the design of this site will get better. Well, hopefully. 

Anyway, my mom always said I had talent. Not for art, mind you. Or for writing. She always thought I had a penchant for crossword puzzles (which I hate) and a knack for remembering useless facts (which I do not) . I think her lifelong dream is for me to appear either on Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I think this because every time she sees me she tells me I should try out for each of those shows. My mother clearly doesn’t realize how many brain cells I’ve killed over the years. Pretty much the only thing mom has said about my art is, “You sure do have an interesting way of looking at things.” Okay, that’s not entirely true. I distinctly remember her liking a crayon drawing of a tiger I drew in first or second grade.*

Oh, and I pretty much failed every art class I took in high school. It might have had something to do with me insulting a certain painting of a panda on the first day of class. Sorry, Ms. Schabo. It was a lovely painting. And you were a lovely teacher. I’m sure you weren’t employed by the school mainly to coach volleyball. 

So, of course, I majored in art in college. More specifically, I majored in printmaking. I took every available course on the subject. I sucked at it. I was truly horrible. I think that over the run of six classes and four and a half years of study I might have made one semi-passable woodcut. Maybe. So, now, of course, I’m taking up screen printing. I am not entirely sure I will do any better this time around. I’ll keep all of you posted. And by “all of you” I mean the one or two people that might stumble upon this blog while looking for porn, bacon, robots, or any combination thereof.

I also paint and draw. I’ll be writing about my extremely involved process of creating a drawing in the next post. 

*My mother actually is pretty supportive of what I do, even if she doesn’t understand it. The painting at the beginning of this post is one of her favorites. She will probably get it for Christmas So, yes, some of what I will be blogging about might be hyperbole.