You Are What You Eat

Hi internet, sorry it's been so long since I've posted. It won't happen again! Anyway, this was a painting I recently completed for my dear friend Becca's birthday. She loves llamas for some ungodly reason .So, I painted her a llama. 

Birthday and sketches and the book and stuff!

Hey, everyone. Today is my birthday. I'm officially older than the oldest tree ever grown. Probably. Possibly. So, to celebrate, I'm giving stuff away. Sort of. Kind of. 

I have a bunch of random sketches of varying degrees of finish, and subject matter lying around. So, today only, for the first 10 of you purchase my book directly from my site - - I'll include one of these sketches.

See, kind of a giveaway. Have a great day, everyone! I'll try to avoid being a giant, ancient puddle of whiskey-drunk until at least after 5 pm. 

As done as I can get it for now.

Okay, it's moist out and the piece needs to dry for approximately one billion hours. I might need to do some final little touches on it and possibly add another coat of polyurethane, but it's mostly finished. I will take better photos of it and explain the thought process and the title of the piece once it's dry. Happy 0th Birthday, Anna Marie! Or happy first day, I guess!