My book is now cheaper!

Hi, everyone! This is just a quick head's up. I'm lowing the price of my book, Things I Made In My Underwear, to $59.95.

It's available to purchase here -

If you purchased the book at the original price or if you backed my kickstarter, send me a message on here and I will give you a code for 30% off your next purchase from my online shop.

Thank you all for your support! You're amazing! 

Birthday and sketches and the book and stuff!

Hey, everyone. Today is my birthday. I'm officially older than the oldest tree ever grown. Probably. Possibly. So, to celebrate, I'm giving stuff away. Sort of. Kind of. 

I have a bunch of random sketches of varying degrees of finish, and subject matter lying around. So, today only, for the first 10 of you purchase my book directly from my site - - I'll include one of these sketches.

See, kind of a giveaway. Have a great day, everyone! I'll try to avoid being a giant, ancient puddle of whiskey-drunk until at least after 5 pm. 

Online Store should be working now

Hi, everyone. I'm dumb. I didn't have my store quite set up properly on my site (, so if you tried preordering my book or purchasing a piece of artwork and it didn't let you get to the the Payments section, that's why. It's my fault. Sorry about all that. Everything should be fixed now. So, if you feel like preordering the book or buying some art from me, go ahead.




The books have been ordered!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my silence lately. I have been very, very busy getting my book ready to go to press. I’m happy to announce that, well, it is at the printers! I paid the downpayment about 5 minutes ago. 

The proof looks fantastic and I can’t wait for you all to see the finished project. 

Thank you to all of you who backed the kickstarter!