Congrats to my brother Travis and his wife Jena on the birth of their daughter!

So, my brother and his wife just had their first child this morning, a lovely little girl by the name of Anna Marie! That's pretty darned awesome. To celebrate that and to give my brand spanking new niece a little gift, i'm going to paint her something today. Hopefully I will finish it by midnight. 

Anyway, if you want to follow along with my progress, check back at where I will be posting updates on the piece throughout the day.

Live painting on the last day of the year!

Tomorrow is the big day. The last day of the year. I’ll be painting a 24” x 36” painting all day long for an anonymous kickstarter backer. I’ll be posting periodic updates on here throughout the day and I will (might, maybe) give out my skype username for anyone that feels like checking in on the progress. I bought a hair dryer just for the occasion.

Art Shows

Hey everyone, I’m part of two different art shows next week here in Seattle. If you get a chance you should come check them out. I’m linking to the facebook events because, well, it’s the easiest way to do it. 

The first opening is on Friday, July 12th at Avanti Art and Design in Greenwood. Over 30 artists made 30 pieces each in 30 days time.

The second opening is Saturday at Ghostlight Theater in Ballard. This one’s just me. 12 original paintings by yours truly.

Hope to see a lot of you there.