Tuesday Sketch Dump

Some of these are rough sketches for ongoing projects. Some are just dumb little ideas I had. Some might turn into something bigger. It's the usual sort of mess.

Wednesday Sketch Dump

Sorry I haven't been posting on this daily. I've been out of town quoting mural projects and trying to get my book into as many stores as possible. Anyway, it's Wednesday. Have some sketches! These are mostly initial concept sketches for a painting that may or may not eventually happen.

Monday Sketch Dump

Okay, I tried posting these yesterday and failed miserably. I'm trying again today. Here are a few sketches I did last week that, for numerous reasons, didn't make it past the sketch stage. These were all done on my iPad using Procreate. I'll probably post a blog thingy about that sometime in the near future.  

Note, click on the image to cycle through the sketches. Squarespace is still pretty wonky about displaying multiple images in a blog post. I'll remember that for next time.